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TK119-W 3G GPS Tracker in Australia For Internet of Vehicles, M2M Automation with Real-Time GPS Tracking
3G GPS Tracker (5)

2016 new 3g network gps tracker with 3G sim, 3G car tracker, Waterproof 3g gps vehicle tracker 3G WCDMA GSM, 2G compatible

2016 New 3G Network GPS Tracker With 3G SIM   TK119-W is a  3G WDMA GSM, 2G compatible  and GPS Wireless Modem with an internal...    Read More
2016-05-02 21:13:23

TK119-W 3G GPS Tracker Australia - For Australia's Leading GPS Vehicle Tracking System

TK119-W 3G GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems 3G GPS Tracker in Australia   TK119-W 3G + 2G DATA MODULE IN THE WORLD IMPROVES COVERAGE AUSTRALIA...    Read More
2017-02-26 21:17:01

TK119-W 3G GPS Tracker in Australia For Internet of Vehicles, M2M Automation with Real-Time GPS Tracking

With real-time TK119-W 3G GPS Tracking device in Australia, your fleet vehicles become a part of the  Internet of Vehicles, opening up a...    Read More
2017-03-01 08:57:28

TK119-W GPS Tracker 3G sim for Vehicle WCDMA IP67 waterproof with free 3G GPS Tracking systems

TK119-W GPS Tracker With free 3G GPS Tracking systems   TK119-W WCDMA/GSM Advanced GPS Vehicle Tracker With major carriers phasing out 2G...    Read More
2016-05-02 08:42:59

TK119-W GPS Vehicle Tracker with 3g compatible attn purchase manager WCDMA waterproof IP67 Cut off petrol/power

TK119-W GPS Vehicle Tracker - Waterproof IP67 Cut off Petrol/Power   TK119-W  can run on  3G WCDMA  networks gets you a step...    Read More
2016-04-29 21:38:10
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Vehicle GPS Trackers with 3G Compatibility for Effective Fleet Management


2G network will discontinue soon in 2016, In response to this, We have made available a range of 3G GPS Vehicle Trackers with more on its way, gets you a step ahead with 3g compatible and better tracking, This 3G GPS Tracking systems can run on 3G WCDMA networks for faster and more stable connections to track on demand and the usage of other additional features.

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