Why Should You Have An Advanced 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker For Your Business?

Vehicle tracking has become an integral part of business in the recent times.  Many organizations have acknowledged that a GPS vehicle tracker with 3g compatibility is highly advantageous in bringing down the extra expenses incurred on fleet management.   Not just this, it has also offered an absolute control over the fleet and enhanced the productivity of the staff on field. Here we state a few other reasons, as to why your business should opt for a 3G GPS tracking devices for vehiclesContinue reading

GPS Tracking Devices for School Buses – Improved Safety and Peace of Mind

According to the reports of Highway Traffic Safety Administration, from 2004 to 2015 there were more than 340,039 fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes. Of those, 1,214 (0.4%) were classified as school-transportation-related.” The report also added these crashes resulted in the deaths of 106 school transportation occupants, and 116 school-age pedestrians. Continue reading

Get GPS Tracking Devices to Improve Your Fleets Fuel Economy

Fuel is one of the largest expenses transportation companies face with volatile and unpredictable fuel prices. So, efficiently managing fuel consumption of your fleet is important to ensure proper fleet management. There are different factors that could contribute to the maximum fuel consumption of your fleet vehicle.  With the support of advanced technology, various technical factors responsible for high fuel consumption like vehicle type, tire resistance and delayed maintenance practices can be completely eliminated. Continue reading