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GPS fleet tracking and GPS vehicle tracking; why you need it

If you have a company that works with fleets and the moving of vehicles then it can be a huge benefit to your company if you use GPS tracking of your vehicles and fleets. But how exactly can GPS tracking help you? We’ll give you all the information you need to convince you that applying GPS fleet tracking to your company will improve various parts of the transportation within your company, and also a little more information on the different systems available.


You have all the information you could possibly want on your vehicle and fleets

The GPS tracking of your fleets or vehicle delivers you all the information you could want, you can see what the speed of the vehicles are, which route they are taking, how long they are taking doing everything, where they are parking, how much fuel they are using and any deviation from the set-out route. All this information can give you insight in the route and where you are losing efficacy with the fleet. Maybe your drivers are taking too many side trips while driving, or the route is not fuel-efficient. This is the ideal way to find out about it and have the possibility to make some changes that will make transportation for your company a lot more efficient. This can eventually save you both time and money, and you’ll therefore earn back the money that you are going to be spending on the GPS tracking system.


You can be notified about your vehicles going over the speed limit

GPS fleet tracking and GPS vehicle tracking can also give you real-time alerts when one of your vehicles is driving faster than the speed limit, which you definitely want to know. It would be very unfortunate if your drivers are creating danger out on the roads, and you would want to know. Your company might even start receiving speeding tickets if nothing is done about this, so it’s a huge benefit that you get to know this and have the capability to speak to your drivers about this. Through using this GPS fleet tracking or GPS vehicle tracking you are the first person to find out and you can put a stop to it immediately.


A smaller chance of cargo theft

GPS fleet tracking can also provide you with an alert every time the cargo door is opened or closed which can prevent cargo theft from happening. If you are alerted that the cargo door is opened at a time that it shouldn’t be opened, then you can immediately hit the alarm and possibly prevent the theft from taking place. If your cargo would still end up stolen, then you have the exact time and place of the times the cargo door was opened and closed, which could lead you the thieves of your cargo a lot faster.


The possibility to recover a stolen vehicle

In the unfortunate case that a vehicle from your company would be stolen it can be recovered a lot faster when a GPS tracking system is installed into it. If the thieves are not aware of the GPS tracking system installed into the vehicle, and they probably aren’t if they chose to steal it, then the GPS can lead you directly to the place of the vehicle which will get you your vehicle back in only a matter of time. All you have to do is hand the GPS data over to the police and your vehicle will be recovered before you know it.


Stay on top of vehicle maintenance

It is easy to forget about the maintenance of your vehicles and when they should happen, but this is no longer an issue with a particular GPS tracking system. Not all GPS systems offer this option, but there are ones that do. These GPS fleet tracking will notify you when it is time for a certain kind of maintenance for the vehicle. This way you are always on top of the vehicle maintenance and don’t need to worry about keeping up a schedule or sending vehicles that are unfit onto the road.


The available systems

As you’ve figured out there are quite some benefits to the using of GPS fleet tracking and GPS vehicle tracking, but now you need to know which systems there are, so you can pick the system that fits your needs the best.

The systems that allow you to use GPS tracking are small trackers that are easily installed in a truck or car for example. These systems, obviously, use GPS to gather all the data like the route, the fuel usage and the speed of the vehicle. Often you only need to find the right place to insert it and then just plug it in to receive all the real-time information you need about the vehicle.

The data is given to you in various ways. The first option is via web-based software. These programs allow you to log into the system and view all the real-time data via your browser. You will need a username and password to access the information, to prevent everyone can just view the information about your fleet. The other option is via a mobile app, whether that is IOS or Android. This is very handy when you’re on the road a lot but still need information about your fleet. When you have access to the internet then you can just check all the real-time information via the app on your phone,

There are a lot of different systems that all work with GPS to track all the information you need, you can contact our website to learn more about the different options and find which system is probably the best for you. This might be a smart move to make as there is a universe of different options that can be difficult to navigate when you’re not sure what you want.

Important notifications, like the opening of the cargo door or the crossing of the speed limit, can be give either via SMS or email. It depends on what is the most handy for you which one you pick, but you do have two different options


A couple of examples

An example of a system is the OBD II truck Tracking Device, which you can easily plug into the OBDII Connector which is below the dashboard. It works with the GPRS/SMS system to transmit all the data that the tracking device collects. This tracking device gives you all the real-time data you need about your vehicles and this one comes with the option to be noted about the maintenance you need for the vehicle.

Another option would be the GPS Fleet Tracking for Vehicle Fleet Management GT06, which is like a small device. This system can be placed in different places, you could place it on top of the roof but also on the front dash, it’s whatever you prefer. This system is ideal to prevent vehicle theft from happening and to be constantly notified about the driving behavior of your drivers.


All in all, I hope you can see all the benefits that there are to the using of a GPS fleet tracking or a GPS vehicle tracking system. It will keep your vehicle safe, by being notified on the driving behavior and being able to track it everywhere, even if it is stolen. You will also be able to use the information to make your fleet more efficient and finally you will never forget to take care of vehicle maintenance again. If you’re planning to make use of all these benefits then I suggest you talk to an expert on this area who can give you all the ins and outs about the latest GPS systems and can also advice you on which GPS fleet tracking system or GPS vehicle tracking system, since this depends entirely on the kind of information you find most important and which wishes you would have for the system. You could definitely check out our website to learn more about the different GPS tracking systems and find a GPS fleet tracking that fits your needs.

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