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Real Time GPS Tracking Device for cars in India

GPS Tracking Device For vehicles uses the Global Positioning System that tells the precise location of a person, vehicle or any possession to which it is attached and helps in recording the position of that vehicle at regular intervals. The mapped data can be saved or transmitted to a server connected to the Internet using GPRS or SMS or modem embedded in the that unit. This technique allows the location of a vehicle to be displayed on a map by using GPS Software For Vehicle Tracking at the time of analyzing the track.


Real Time GPS Tracking Device for cars provides you with up-to-the-minute location and speed updates, including email alerts or text on the basis of parameters you fixed in advance. It keeps track record of driving activities, if your driver is taking unnecessary advantage of your vehicle by going off track or if your teen is exceeding speed limits, these vehicle tracking devices are there to answer your queries. Detailed reports based on OEM GPS Tracking Software tell you exactly where that particular vehicle has been headed and at what speed it is moving. We at Diweitrack, help you pick a system that best matches your needs and then we handover to you fully activated, tested and ready to use. Made to order customized GPS devices offer real solutions to fleet managers and business owners to improve operational efficiency and lessen operational losses.


Advantages of Real Time GPS Tracking Device


  • Track where your vehicles moving at all times 24/7/365 in real time.

  • You can view location of your real-time tracking device from your smart phone or computer

  • Trace routes traveled by your drivers in order to enhance route planning

  • You can monitor driving habits and speed of your crew

  • You can receive timely notifications of driver tampering


The benefits of GPS Tracking devices. Get better ways to manage business operations with comprehensive made to order customized GPS devices and add improved customer service in your that each of your client will cherish.

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