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NB-IoT is a 3GPP standardized cellular based low power wide area technology and is potentially part of the '5G' era of connectivity. It is...    Read More
2018-01-22 23:11:09

How NB-IOT Devices Work and Why They are Perfect for Tracking

In the world of internet and connectivity, nb-iot is all the rage. Businesses and individuals are utilizing the reliable, quicker connection abilities of nb-iot and nb-iot devices to make progressive changes to their technology systems and create an interconnected “smart” world.


Nb-iot stands for narrowband-internet of things. In a nb-iot module, many devices are connected to each other through sensors. Typically, these interconnected devices are within a fairly close proximity to one another, and because there are not a lot of other devices interfering with their connection, it is stronger and more secure. Furthermore, people rave about the ability of nb-iot devices to maintain a strong, uninterrupted connection while also conserving battery. For many businesses, cities, and organizations, nb-iot technology has made life more efficient and practical with its breakthrough technology.


Since it was widely introduced in 2016, nb-iot devices have been very well received and quickly implemented. Some examples of how these devices are being used are in “smart cities” for tracked parking and street lights. They are also being used for water usage monitoring, gas usage monitoring, vehicle tracking, people tracking, and animal tracking. Overall, nb-iot devices have already begun to change the way that we think about technology and how it is used in our daily lives. The possibilities for nb-iot devices are endless, but some of the best and most impactful uses found have been in the tracking department.


What do nb-iot devices track?

The quick answer to the question “What do nb-iot devices track?” is “everything”. In reality, anything that you can put a chip in or a device on has the ability to be tracked. Currently, nb-iot devices are being widely used to track animals, personal possessions, vehicles, and goods. Furthermore, the tracking ability of nb-iot devices is being utilized by in both people’s personal lives and in the world of business.


To illustrate this example, families and pet owners use nb-iot devices to track their family pets, but large foundations and research organizations also use nb-iot devices to track packs of animals in the wild in order to research their living habits and migration patterns. Additionally, nb-iot devices can be used to track all of an individual’s devices such as their phone, tablet, car keys, and computer or, they can be used by a business to track a fleet of vehicles.


Why do businesses prefer nb-iot devices for tracking?

The reasons that businesses prefer nb-iot technology over other connectivity networks are many and as the technology evolves, the benefits only get better.



One reason that businesses are extremely fond of nb-iot devices and modules is that of their increased security. Devices that are used together on a nb-iot module are encrypted heavily, which makes it difficult for hackers to gain access or interfere. Therefore, if the company is using the devices to track something important of classified, using a nb-iot system makes it safer.



Although there may be many devices on a nb-iot system, the security of the system protects other devices from slowing down or interrupting their connection. When using a nb-iot device to track something such as a fleet vehicle, there is often a need for communication between the device and a main tracking and communication program. Due to the fact that other devices are not able to interfere, the devices being used to track the vehicles (or any item) are able to communicate back with the main system much quicker than on any other network.


Battery Life

Many devices used for tracking work off of battery power, especially if they are being used to track smaller items or items that do not have access to a charging station. When this is the case, those who are tracking the items want the devices to last as long as possible. Due to the low level of the internet of things, much less power is used for the device to communicate and do its job. Therefore, the battery life of an nb-iot device is much longer than any other device.


Remote Location Reliability

Everyone knows the hassle of being in a remote location and having little to no connection on their wireless device. With the use of nb-iot devices, this irritation becomes a thing of the past. In even the most remote locations, these devices work to the best of their ability. For tracking, being able to count on a device no matter the location is a great luxury. Therefore, nb-iot devices are being chosen for their reliability in wilderness situations and for items that have a great range of location.


Long Distance Abilities

Just because two devices are on the same nb-iot system, does not mean they have to be right next to each other. Along with being able to work in a remote location, nb-iot devices also have the ability to be used between devices with a distance in between. This ability allows for businesses of all types and sizes to use the technology offered by these devices and the benefit from their reliability.


No matter the size of your business, or your needs for tracking, nb-iot devices and technology are certainly an option to consider moving forward. These devices are reliable and secure, with a quick connection that cannot be beaten. As technology changes and nb-iot devices evolve, their abilities will only improve, making them a great investment for your business now.

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