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3G Vehicle Tracking System



3G vehicle tracking system is a wonderful and highly-useful technology that is installed on moving vehicles and is used to track their location as well as movement with the aid of global positioning system. This advanced device sends across the informative data through a smart software, computer and Internet.


In the present times, when life in general is progressing at a super-sonic speed and smart technology has replaced many manual jobs, these devices prove to be extremely useful. Also, as security has become a major issue in urban areas nowadays, having the support of this innovative technology is much needed.


These 3G vehicle GPS trackers assist in keeping tabs on the exact location and whereabouts of a vehicle, whether it’s personal or official. They are being used widely for many purposes and in transport systems such as police vans, security vehicles, ambulances and even personal transport/vehicles as with the help of these intelligent devices there is a guarantee of safety and availability of updated information.


We supply a variety of 3G GPS tracking systems that provide complete safety and a tight vigil of vehicles wherever they may be.



The 3G GPS Tracker works with a wireless modem which has an inbuilt battery. The tracker is also water-resistant. It sends information of the location through UDP or SMS. This 3G GPS tracker for car is also built with a power disconnect and low battery alarm for timely notifications. Benefits that it provides are real time tracking, speed alarm, collision alarm, route play back etc.


Through 3G car tracker, the position of a personal car, business or govt. vehicle can be monitored and even controlled via GPS, GPRS, Internet. It helps a great deal in safe supervision and control, effective logistics, efficient transport services and transparency in operations. 3G vehicle tracker aids in ACC checking and notification of vehicle status in a complete sure-footed manner, thereby, strengthening security of the vehicle. The accompanying relay remote can be used to effectively control the vehicle. These ultra-modern 3G GPS vehicle tracking systems can be installed on cars, vans, taxis, trucks etc. to enjoy the myriad advantages.

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