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OBD II - On-Board Diagnostic System
OBD GPS Tracker (47)

2013 hotsale GPS Accurate OBD II truck Tracking Device

1.Data transmission: GPRS/SMS  2.Car rental realtime tracking  3.OBD II connector/Plug-in and play  4.Universal in the world  ...    Read More
2013-08-13 21:02:26

2013 new model GPS car tracking equipment tk116

GPS tracking equipement  1.Voice monitoring function  2.3 numbers for SOS alarm  3.Built-in vibration sensor    A ...    Read More
2013-08-14 20:22:40

Absorbing OBD II Diagnostic Tracking System

1.OBD II connector/Plug-in and play  2.OBD II/EOBD Standard Port  3.Easy to install  4.connect the OBD interface to work  ...    Read More
2013-08-22 20:55:26

Autobicycle GPS Tracker, Auto bicycle Tracker, GPS Autobicycle tracking device

1.Remote engine immobilization  2.Multiple Tracking Modes  3.Geo-Fence Violation Alerts  4.Over speed detection calls &...    Read More
2013-07-16 02:57:35

Buy Vehicle GPS Tracker TK116 - high quality Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters

1.Configuration by remote terminal  2.SMS / GPRS dual-mode switching  3.Support for point-to-point  4.GPS vehicle tracker...    Read More
2013-08-06 20:05:00

Car OBD II GPS Tracker

1.Harsh braking and idling warnings  2.Rapid acceleration high speed warnings  3.And odometer readings?  4.Vehicle's VIN...    Read More
2013-07-04 08:08:08

Car Tracker OBD II - Plug and play GPS Tracking Device

1.Rapid acceleration high speed warnings  2.Small design,Plug and Play  3.OBD II/EOBD Standard Port  4.Quad band GSM...    Read More
2013-08-22 22:07:32

Cheap GPS Tracker OBD II For Car Plug and Play

1.Plug-and-play design  2.Compliant with all cars with OBD II  3.Diagnostic system  4.Disassemble alarm  5.GPS tracking...    Read More
2013-08-22 20:21:33

Cheap gps tracking devices OBD II need sim card

1.Real-time position and speed  2.Tracking by time or distance  3.Disassemble alarm  4.OBD II connector/Plug-in and play  Car...    Read More
2013-08-06 07:13:09

Cheap TK116 GPS auto trackers devices

For Vehicle GPS+GSM+SMS/GPRS tracker tk116 Environment for use 1、Limited working temperature:-20℃~80℃ 2、Storage...    Read More
2012-12-13 21:28:55
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Wholesale OBD Tracker GPS


There are number of organizations these days that utilizes the Car Vehicle On-Board Diagnostics Tracking system like law enforcement departments, haulage firms, and other types of transport giants. The GPS tracking system is very important for companies that own large fleet of vehicles for their varied services. The tracking system can also be of much benefit for the smaller companies too. With the vehicle tracking software ,the company can keep an eye about the whereabouts of all its vehicles round the clock. It is not an easy task to manage the entire transport department without having the knowledge about the vehicles.

Without the OBD GPS Tracking, a company has no other way than to rely on different communication forms which often wont provide accurate results.


What the tracking system all about?

Any vehicle tracking software utilizes the GPS or Global Positioning System satellite and a locator that forms a connection between the signals from the vehicle to your computer. The signals that are sent from the vehicle give the exact location of the corresponding vehicle. With the GPS software installed, it becomes very easy to maintain the onboard information. It gives a sense of security and ensures that all the drivers are running on schedule without any abnormal breaks.


The GPS Tracker OBD  is designed for the remote diagnostic of OBD and for other tracking purposes. With the OBD diagnostic, an individual is made aware of any unforeseen issues that might be troublesome. This will not only help you to identify the real cause behind any malfunction but also enables you to take precautionary steps in time. It in fact saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend in fixing the car. The different OBD parameters like the temperature or fuel meter data, engine or air bags error codes or even velocity meter data are collected by the OBD II device. The data is then sent over through GPS to the server. Many OBD II devices come with a voice command facility. They alarm the driver during different situations like power cut off, geo-fence, SOS emergency, or even during over speed.


The GPS Tracker OBD is very beneficial in terms of vehicle maintenance. And if you own a car rental business, having the GPS tracker installed in your vehicles would be the best decision you could ever make as it provides real-time tracking facility and sheer security of course! 


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