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Van Trackers & Tracks For Trucks: All You Need To Know

Nowadays, van trackers are all about making the most of the new technology that combines the use of automatic vehicle location to show precise current location. Basically, tracks for trucks are a new way to collect fleet data for various ways of use. With a modern van tracking system, you can not only track your van's location but also get insights on other valuable features.

Thanks to GPS tracking, van trackers allow business owners, fleet companies and delivery businesses to pinpoint the exact location of the van at a given time. Tracks for trucks, on the other hand, help in locating the fleet or the truck that is headed towards a specific destination. Below, we are investigating all of the features and benefits of this new technology.

Van Trackers: Active And Passive GPS Tracking

The information on your van's exact location is shown on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software. There are urban public transit authorities which are actively increasing the use of tracks for trucks and similar GPS van tracking solutions.

Speaking of which, there are two different ways in which van trackers work: passive and active tracking.

The first one is the process called passive tracking, where the van trackers store GPS location, speed and sometimes trigger events such as key on/of, door opened or closed and obviously the exact location of the van at any given time.

On the other hand, active tracking is all about collecting the same information as passive tracking - with the main difference that the information is transmitted in real-time via cellular or satellite networks.

So, the basic difference between active and passive van trackers and tracks for trucks is that active ones are able to show real-time GPS location thanks to cellular or satellite data, while the passive GPS tracking technology relies on an Internet connection or SMS updates.

Tracks For Trucks: What Is The Typical Architecture

The basic van trackers and tracks for trucks consist of an architecture based on the following devices and systems.

1. GPS Tracking Device (Van tracker)

This is the main process through which van trackers operate - coming from a device that captures the GPS location information at regular intervals to a central server.

There are additional upgrades and vehicle information that can include fuel amount, engine temperature, altitude, on/off key ignition, doors opened/closed, cut off fuel, turn on headlight, turn on taillight, battery status as well as emergency button status, cumulative idling, engine RPM, throttle position, current GPRS status and plenty of other features.

So, it goes without saying that there are so many features making both tracks for trucks and van tracers one of the most reliable devices which capability goes beyond many people's limits or expectations.

2. GPS Tracking Server

The tracking server nowadays has three main responsibilities: to receive data from the GPS tracking device, securely store it and serve the information to the user.

3. User Interface

The user interface (UI) is the one to determine how one will be able to access the information - how he or she can view it and how to elicit and use important data from it. So, the role of the user interface is to display the information and help the user make most of it.

The Common Uses Of Tracks For Trucks And Van Trackers

Nowadays, van trackers and tracks for trucks are commonly used for many fleet management functions such as fleet tracking, routing, on-board information, security as well as dispatching and delivery.

Along with the commercial fleet operators, there are transit agencies that use this kind of technology in order to monitor their drivers, buses in service or trigger any automatic changes of their destination, all thanks to this technology. In the US alone, GPS based vehicle tracking is used from the beginning of 2009 and there are many similar cases for privately owned businesses in all industries around the world.

Real-time information is obviously the biggest value here, making the van trackers efficient. The tracks for trucks also benefit from it - especially when it comes to reaching a destination and delivering a shipment on time.

With the GPS technology being improved and enhanced day by day, there are more and more companies that are coming up with devices compatible with phones and other gadgets. Thanks to van trackers, tracks for trucks and many similar devices, businesses can stay in touch with their vehicles and keep track of the actionable data.

The benefits extend to the point of theft prevention, monitoring and retrieval devices, where van trackers can be used by the police in order to follow their signal and locate the stolen device. They can be a perfect addition to van alarms and other alarm systems for trucks.

Most importantly, GPS tracking can be a great way to improve efficiency, reduce the wear and tear of the vehicle, reduce the fuel costs and most importantly - prevent any incidents by monitoring emergencies on the road.

A Final Word

In the end, GPS tracking is a great way to determine the position or velocity of a van. Tracks for trucks are essentially the same kind of technology that can help you locate the current location of a truck, ensuring proper fleet management.

In an era where there are more and more van trackers, tracks for trucks and a lot of companies bringing this technology to everyday products, finding the best GPS tracker for your needs can be a difficult job.

At Diwei Track, we pride ourselves on the manufacture of a variety of van trackers, tracks for trucks, GPS trackers for cars and many other solutions. Each one of our products adopts modern technology and is perfectly suited to fulfill most of today's needs in transport, delivery, fleet management and other industries.

If you are interested in taking advantage of GPS tracking for your business, contact us today and request a free consultation!

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