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Effective Fleet Management: Vehicle Tracking Systems And How They Help Nowadays

There are so many benefits for investing in vehicle tracking systems. However, the main one is the fact that you will increase the safety of both your drivers, your vehicles and your fleet. With no delays and nothing but a professional service on all ends, this technology will allow you to save while spending and maintain your business on the highest possible level.


The truth is, vehicle tracking systems can also double as fleet management systems. The technology made this possible through a simple connection - and made fleet organization easier than ever before. As of now, your company vehicles can provide the fleet managers with crucial data that they need in order to make informed decisions when out there in the field. So, the timely data from the GPS trackers for vehicles can definitely ensure safe, efficient and effective operations.


The Importance Of Battery Life On Vehicle Tracking Systems

Another very important thing when it comes to vehicle tracking systems nowadays is the battery life. The truth is, a lot of the traditional fleet management devices and car trackers failed in this manner and were not a good investment only because of the constant need to replace batteries.


However, in today's modern era, vehicle tracking systems are getting bigger and better. The battery life of the average fleet management tracker is anywhere between 2 to 3 years. Most importantly, the battery only turns on when it needs to send the signal and then automatically turns off again. This has made it possible to save on battery life and still maintain the constant updating of location.


So, it goes without saying that each tracking device should have a long battery life because of the transmission of location information - which can only continue when the device or its battery is still alive. However, most of the times it is the way you are using the device that affects the actual longevity of the same device.


Some of the factors that can drain a GPS vehicle tracking device's battery include:

  • Its size - the bigger the device is, the longer the battery life is
  • Constant updating - If you keep requesting for a new location every 5 minutes, the battery may drain only after a couple or months or a year - which is why most people choose 20 or 30 minute intervals of data transmission
  • Motion sensor - When turned off, the motion sensor will not use any battery power, which is how it should be if the device is not working

Even though battery life is the primary worry when it comes to vehicle tracking systems, there are a lot of tracking devices nowadays that perform well and are meant to stay in the same shape for years.


How To Properly Hide Vehicle Tracking Systems In The Vehicles

When hiding your vehicle tracking systems (trackers) in the actual vehicle, there are a lot of possibilities to choose from. But what makes the perfect hiding place for a GPS tracker - and one that will best go unnoticed?


According to experts in the field, the best places to hide GPS trackers for effective fleet management include the following:


  • Inside a dashboard - Opening the dashboard of your vehicle is easy, and the most recommended place to hide a GPS transmitter is actually there - mostly because the driver cannot easily find it and the device can still pick up the best satellite signal from there
  • In the vehicle undercarriage - Another great location is the undercarriage. If your vehicle is magnetic, this can be the perfect hiding spot. You can even invest in a waterproof casing to protect it from water, snow or dirt.
  • Front bumper - A front or rear plastic bumper can be great for hiding GPS trackers, especially because they are easily removable and don't do damage to the actual vehicle.
  • Back brake lights - Believe it or not, the inside of the back brake lights can also be a nice hiding spot where vehicle tracking systems can be stored. The only potential disadvantage is that in case of brake failure, there is a great chance that your tracking device will be discovered.
  • Inside car seat cushion - The cushion inside your car seats can hide a vehicle tracker perfectly - however make sure to position it in a way that it doesn't block the signal or in a way where the sawing is not visible.


Fleet Management Tracking Can Save Your Business


In the end, fleet management tracking is a great way to reduce overheads, cut costs and with that save your business. Although spending money on vehicle tracking systems may be a significant investment in the start, it will certainly return by itself in the coming years and can prove that it does everything to save your business.


Thanks to vehicle tracking systems, we can now be safe and sound - and fleet management can be taken to the next level. From alerts to notifications and emergency situations, it lets us realize that prevention is better than cure and that a lot of vehicles can run smoothly no matter what situation arises during a working day.


In the end, the best way to define effective fleet management is as a process that adopts the vehicle tracking systems and technologies that make difficult job of managing a fleet a lot easier.

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