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Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions: Ensuring Safety And Reducing Liability For Your Business

After decades of use in military purposes, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have started to benefit the civil use as well. As the technology became more complex and systematic, the world started seeing GPS tracking solutions in all industries and niches.


It is safe to say that GPS technology has become a part of today's life and that it is a piece of technology that is not regarded as some kind of a miracle anymore. Instead, the main application of it has been in fleet GPS tracking solutions - also known as fleet tracking solutions. Here, it has helped business owners to navigate their vehicles in unknown places and for drivers get from point A to point B with less pain.


However, that is not the entire list of advantages of fleet tracking. In fact, there are so many features that make this technology a perfect fit for the modern world, and ones that make all the difference between success and failure for businesses who operate with vehicle fleets.


GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions From The Perspective Of A Fleet Owner

If you are a fleet owner, the fleet GPS tracking solutions can be of strategic importance and make the difference between your success and failure. For businesses operating with vehicle fleets, no business owner should underestimate the importance of a solid GPS vehicle tracking system.


Instead of seeing it as a cost, a lot of fleet business owners started to see fleet tracking solutions as an investment that pays off and one that sticks to their needs. When it comes to saving on costs, though, no business owner can stay indifferent as it is evident to see the benefits of these fleet tracking systems.


That being said, fleet GPS fleet tracking solutions make a lot of things easy on a daily basis. There are no issues regarding routes, road conditions, closed roads and damaged vehicles. You get to track your employees remotely and track the way they are doing their jobs - even if you are out of your direct control.


So, a fleet tracking GPS system can help you control things such as:

  • employees that are attempting to take advantage o your company's vehicles at your expense
  • improper driving behavior by your employees which can be fatal to them, your vehicles and your fleet
  • growing prices for fuel
  • constant risk of theft of your expensive vehicles and assets
  • finding the shortest routes to where your work is
  • customers demanding more and more information as possible regarding their order status

So, a GPS fleet management system can be the perfect way to control your business and determine the exact vehicle location at any time. Moreover, it can track the way your vehicles are used and the way your employees are doing their jobs - and every aspect of it.


Fleet Tracking And Its Focus On Safety

As you probably know by now, GPS fleet tracking helps in increasing the safety of both the drivers, fleet and vehicles. This lets a lot of businesses reduce the payouts for potential accidents and violations. In fact, a GPS tracking system can even reduce the price of insurance.

So, what's critical to understand is that the true cost of an accident can be 2 to 10 times greater than the direct cost of the accident. In both situations, fleet GPS tracking solutions can be the perfect bridge to adopting new technology.

Some of the common examples on how fleet tracking ensures safety include factors like:

  • lost time by employees at the scene of the accident
  • lost revenue as a result of the equipment not producing income
  • failure to fill the orders or meet deadlines
  • lost time by rescheduling missed jobs
  • lost time on potential accident investigations and reports
  • increased insurance premiums
  • public relations (PR) damage

As you can see, all of these issues may lead to damaged reputation, additional costs and decreased safety. When it comes to fleet GPS tracking solutions, it is important to consider all the costs plus the ones of replacing an injured employee (driver), replacing a damaged vehicle etc.

In addition, the productivity will also be lost due to the problem in the first place, and the costs may pile up over time because of only one single accident. So, it is easy to see that fleet tracking GPS solutions can prevent a lot of issues like these.


Being In Control Of Your Employees (Drivers) Has Never Been Easier

Even in the most aggressive driving policies, controlling the driver is not possible unless there is a piece of technology that allows it. Thanks to fleet GPS tracking solutions, every business owner has the ability to monitor and improve driver behavior.

Knowing that speeding is a factor in nearly a third of the large truck crashes according to research, it is absolutely important to be in control of how your employees drive, along with whether they follow the general rules and regulations. A lot of GPS fleet tracking solutions track the vehicle speed nowadays and offer extensive alerting features that let you always be in control of your driver's behavior.

Whether it's speeding, re-routing or route planning, fleet tracking makes business better. The alerts can come in the form of an SMS, email or via an app in every mobile phone. Most importantly, they are designed to allow you to take more long-term corrective actions and break the continual bad driving habits.


Order Your Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions And Invest In Safety

Now, you have the chance to order your fleet tracking system and focus on your driver, vehicle and fleet safety. You will also get to monitor and track your driver behavior and ensure that every single package arrives on time and to the right destination.

So, are you going to take this chance and finally invest in  a GPS tracking system?

For more information on the bestselling tailor-fit GPS systems for fleet tracking, contact us today!

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