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GPS Tracking Devices; Why You need GPS Trackers for Vehicles


With increasing cases of theft and insecurity worldwide, GPS tracking devices have provided a form of assurance and guarantee. Real-time GPS trackers for vehicles are unique devices which provide the instantaneous speed and precise location of any car. In this article, we go over the system of operation and the numerous benefits of employing them.


How do GPS Tracking Devices Work?

The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is the underlying technology for GPS tracking devices. By utilizing this network of satellites, microwave signals which contain information on position, speed, direction, and instantaneous time can be transmitted and received.

Trilateration is a unique process which is used to determine the exact position of a GPS tracking device. It calculates the relative position of the object being tracked based on its distance from 3 GPS satellites.  The same technology is employed for a car navigation system. However, unlike car navigation systems which provide instantaneous location and directions, GPS tracking devices can also record the driving customs of that car.

By exploiting the internet, the GPS trackers for vehicles can transmit any piece of information relevant to the car to the headquarters. A GPS tracking device can either store the data within the device or transmit the relevant information to a central hub on a regular basis. The process of storing the data on a memory card is known as passive tracking while the latter is known as active tracking.


Generally, an active GPS tracking device is preferred for commercial purposes. People who employ this system usually want to monitor people, fleets, or valuables. They always want to know the exact position and the estimated time of arrival. People who use this can also determine the behavior of staffs and employees in their line of duty.

Are GPS Trackers for Vehicles Legal?

In many countries, a GPS tracking device is a lawful tool. It is an admissible evidence in the court of law. However, if it is being used for illegal, unethical, or illicit activities, you can get into trouble. Ideally, if you own a car, you reserve the rights to use a GPS tracker for that car, otherwise, you should steer clear. If the police or private investigators have obtained a warrant, they also have the right to track you.


How to Use a GPS Tracker for Cars

The installation process for GPS trackers is not as difficult as they seem, however, they vary from device to device. What makes a GPS tracking device is the inherent power source. Some trackers are designed to be installed around the diagnostics connector; positioned under the dashboard.  This kind of arrangement is very easy to use since the device gets power directly from the connector.

GPS trackers for cars can also be plugged into a cigarette lighter, however, this puts a burden on your battery. It draws power continuously from your battery even when it isn’t in use and this can drain your battery. It is also very easy to spot.

Talking of discreet, there are GPS trackers for cars which have inbuilt batteries. They can be installed anywhere and this provides optimum safety and assurance. This kind of device, however, needs to be removed periodically so as to charge the battery.


Why you need GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Trackers for Vehicles Ensure Safety

Ensuring the security of lives and properties is a paramount goal of any technology and that’s exactly what GPS trackers for vehicles achieve. Since the device can monitor the location, speed, and direction, the driver can be cautioned when there is a sense of danger. In case of damage, the GPS tracking device will also provide the user with an accurate position of the vehicle in question. This technology greatly enforces security.


Better Staff Management

GPS trackers for vehicles provide a log of the driver’s habit. If your driver enjoys driving above the speed limit, he will be exposed. Similarly, if your driver takes less efficient routes which take time and consume fuel, this will be known. By employing a GPS tracking device, you have a better knowledge of your staffs and you can manage them more appropriately.


GPS Tracking Devices Engender Productivity

Unlike before when drivers had the luxury of messing around with the vehicles, visiting friends while on official duty, and then lying on the traffic, a GPS tracking device eliminates that. This makes your business more productive and the staffs operate efficiently since they are being watched. Also, for business owners who are into delivery or haulage, by providing customers with updated information of their package, they are more trusting of your service.


GPS Tracking Devices Reduce Paperwork

Before the advent of GPS trackers for vehicles, drivers had tons of paperwork to fill out. This was a very stressful and brain-draining task for many people. Now, the tracking device provides detailed information on the driving history of the car and drivers are saved from the stress. Apart from this, humans are very prone to error, especially when they are tired from long journeys. Machines, on the other hand, will always give you detailed and accurate information for the records. This eliminates the need for cross-checking or auditing.


Theft Prevention

Criminals are getting better by the day. There are more sophisticated tools used for carjacking and burglary. With GPS trackers for vehicles, even after the thief gains access to your car, you are sure that you will get detailed information on the location, speed, and direction of the car. This update is also continuous, making it easier to track. With this knowledge, law enforcement agents can easily find the perpetrators and return your vehicle.



Ultimately, the decision lies with you. GPS trackers for vehicles are cheap and easy to use. They also provide all the outlined advantages and more. Utilizing these GPS tracking devices means your business will enjoy a huge boost with minimal cost.

Deciding to make use of this device might be the best investment decision you ever make for your business.

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