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Home High quality Custom built GPS tracker in USA


High quality Custom built GPS tracker in USA


We at Diweitrack offer plethora of options for GPS vehicle tracking systems, to manage your business effectively and resourcefully. With high tech GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions, you get the ability to track your vehicle( be it heavy weight or light vehicle) in real time. You can count on us for handling large sized fleet whether it is carrying 2 or 2000 vehicles as our products are simple to use and easy to install.


Made To Order Customized GPS Devices


We have some exceptional devices to offer, for your vehicle and car tracking and fleet management requirements such as Custom made GPS tracker device, OEM GPS Tracking Software and Real Time GPS Tracking Device. Our world class GPS tracking Software For Vehicle helps in saving heavily on total fleet running costs. Consequently, you will be reaping increased productivity and profits with improved customer service.



Real Time GPS Tracking Device


There is no better way to track a person, vehicle or asset than a Real Time GPS Tracking Device, suitable for both business and personal applications. We offer wide array of power options to choose from like battery powered, hardwired or dashboard-mounted so that you can find the perfect Real Time GPS Tracker for your changing needs. It allows you to receive live updates, the moment device is moved, via email or text message on your smart phone. This way you can closely monitor and handle vehicular activities. You may hard wire the Real Time GPS Tracking Device For Cars by attaching it to car's power source for unlimited battery life. You will receive the instant messages or alerts the moment GPS tracker enters or exits certain area, perfect for keeping vigil in company's vehicle in case it goes off track. Another exceptional feature that this Real Time GPS Tracking Device offers is speed alerts, you will be notified via text or mail the moment Real Time GPS Tracker exceeds speed.


If you are looking for high quality custom built GPS tracker, Real Time GPS Tracking Device at Low Cost then Diweitrack is the the right place.


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