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  • Tk116 new model Vehicle tracking device with 200MAh battery coul
  • Anti-theft motorcycle/motorbike GPS Tracker - Real Time Tracking
  • OT08 OBDII OBD2 Vehicle Car truck gps tracker with OBDII Connect
  • GPS TRACKER GPT06 Waterproof/Flashlight
  • GPS Platform
  • 2016 new 3g network gps tracker with 3G sim, 3G car tracker, Wat
Shenzhen Diwei Machinery Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Diwei Machinery Co., Ltd. is a research & development group that provides .....
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About Diweitrack

Welcome to DiweiTrack - Premier Supplier of Wholesale GPS Tracker , Custom Made GPS Tracker Device & 3G Vehicle Tracker


Shenzhen Diwei Machinery Co Ltd. makes it easy for you to pinpoint the location of every single vehicle in your fleet. With our technologically advanced GPS vehicle monitoring and tracking systems you get the ability to track your vehicle in real time. Our simple to install and use products helps in absolute fleet management whether the size of your fleet is just 2 vehicles or 2000 vehicles, you can count on us at all times.


Our factory that produces world class products for domestic as well as international markets is ISO 9000 certified. Our extensively experienced research and development staff comply with all the international quality standards. With our wide range of products like – 3G Vehicle Tracking System, Custom made GPS tracker, OEM GPS Tracking Software, Real Time GPS Tracking Device You are sure to get the perfect solution for your vehicle and car tracking and fleet management requirements.


Track Your Vehicle

Our GPS vehicle tracking systems and GPS tracking software enable you to manage your business resourcefully and effectively. This leads to huge saving on total fleet running costs. Concurrently, our products also bestow increased productivity and improved customer services. Our products are capable to give you instant answers to crucial vehicle tracking questions such as:



Real Time Monitoring


The vehicle of a fleet moves around various places for time bound contracts. For such tasks, real time monitoring is a vital requirement. Our GPS tracking solutions makes it possible for you to get the live feed of your traveling vehicle. Most of our products offer you super convenient functions of:



Our Innovative Products


We use innovation technology and best quality standards in manufacturing each of our products to offer you reliable services. We design our products to offer you simple solutions to your requirements. If you just need easy vehicle monitoring system, you can choose our simple plug and play OBD GPS tracker that saves data up to 500 hours; and for your comprehensive needs with real time vehicle monitoring, you can choose our smallest, cheap gps tracker for car and the best TK116 that gives you accurate vehicle location in real time with temperature and fuel alarm.

Vehicle tracking solutions with us is simple and affordable. Just have a look at our great range of products listed below. Click on the product of your choice to know its full details. If you need further assistance in selection of the perfect GPS tracking system, you can either send us a message or call us on our sales & support number.



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